About LCI

Life Coaching International (LCI) has a strong track record of partnering with motivated individuals of all personality types who are willing to go the distance. Life coaching will not be a fruitful endeavor for those not ready to fully bet on themselves.

Dr. Bill works in cooperation with CEOs as well as individuals from all walks of life who are moving to the next phase of their journey. Their common denominator is recognizing that the power of the life coaching lies in the process, not in any single event or session. Each of Dr. Bill’s clients move forward after they set the agenda, topic, realities to be interrogated and action steps to be adopted.

Dr. Bill has an earned a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership. His tactical, intuitive and probing methodologies tend to function well in a corporate environment; quickly disseminating the issues at hand. His expertise is in team building, communication skills, boarding and gap filling. His focused approach, along with the team he has at his disposal, enables him to help a company, or an individual, move forward with clarity and effectiveness. Dr Bill’s life coaching and consulting backgrounds combine the professional discipline of consulting along with the Strategic, Intuitive and Probing Questions (SIPQ) of coaching.

The diagnostic materials utilized in this process assist in creating a team bond and dynamic that is essential to elevating the work place environment as well as the growth of each team member.