Choosing a Coachsultant

Life Coach International is the best place in the world to find just the right life coach or business coach (Coachsultant) to help you reach your biggest goals in life, both professionally and personally. Whether you are in a career transition, want to find the man or woman of your dreams, find the ideal work for your personality and style, start your own business, break through the corporate glass ceiling, write a book or a screenplay, transform your life, or make more money, we will help you find the best coach.

Our Guarantee:

All of our coachsultants are either:

  • Master Certified Coaches (MCC), Professional Certified Coaches (PCC) orĀ Associate Certified Coach (ACC) as recognized by the International Coach Federation
  • Graduates from an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited coach training program
  • In training at an ICF accredited coach training school.


You can search for the level of qualification you desire. There are loads of coach training schools out there. Unfortunately, most of them do not meet the rigorous industry training standards set by the ICF. In fact, most of the coaching directories out there for coaches do not require their life coaches to demonstrate any kind of credentials or even coach training whatsoever. This makes it hard for you, the public, to find a properly trained and qualified life coach as any yokel can put up their listing. Not here. We only allow coaches who have professional coaching training and credentials or coaches enrolled in an accredited coach training program to be listed with Life Coach International.

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